National Association of Agriculture Insurers
From 1 January 2016 NAAI membership is mandatory for all agricultural insurers working in the state-support segment of agricultural insurance in the country
As of 1 January 2016, according to the legislation changes, all insurance companies providing state-support agricultural insurance are obliged to be members of the united national agroinsurance union. NAAI  has received this status in September 2015 by a decision of Central Bank of Russia.
NAAI key function
Guarantor of financial solvency of the entire system in the event of bankruptcy of one of its members.

NAAI: the main risk for plant growing, drought, was realized in 2015
According to the preliminary data, the forecast made earlier by the NAAI  concerning the year 2015 proves right : this year is less favorable for plant growing than the previous two years considering natural perils. The main crop losses were caused by severe drought in a number of areas of the Volga territory and Siberia, where emergency was declared. This risk is included into the list established by the law and can be insured on the terms of state support.
International round table of NAAI: agricultural insurance in Russia prepares for a new stage
The development of agricultural insurance in Russia is in the mainstream of worldwide trend though now its characteristics are not adequate to agribusiness market size. While in the world the share of the insured farmlands makes 38%, and in a number of countries about 90% of crops are insured, Russia still can’t make more than one fifth of cultivated areas being insured.
NAAI members