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International Round Table “Agricultural Insurance as a Risk Management Tool for the Farming Industry. Prospects for Development”
The International Roundtable Meeting "Agricultural insurance as a risk management tool for the industry: prospects for development", organized by National Association of Agriculture Insurance of Russia, took place in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, on 3th July, 2019.
16.12.2019 | NAAI
NAAI President Korney Bizhdov: about 34% of the swine population and 25% of poultry in livestock farms are insured in Russia
In 2019, a marked recovery took place in the agricultural insurance system with state support: the insurance coverage of crops increased 4-fold, to 4.1 million hectares, making up more than 5% of the cultivated area. In livestock risks insurance, there has also been a double-digit increase, while those operations most vulnerable to epizootic risks – swine breeding and poultry farming – are at 34% and 25% of livestock coverage in agricultural enterprises and farmer households respectively. This was stated by the President of the National Association of Agriculture Insurers, Korney Bizhdov, speaking at the seminar "Insurance in the Media Mirror", held in Moscow on December 4th, 2019.
16.12.2019 | NAAI, agricultural insurance
NAAI President Korney Bizhdov presented Russia’s experience of combating agricultural insurance fraud at the international conference in Vienna
The National Association of Agriculture Insurers presented the results of combating insurance fraud in Russian agricultural insurance at the issue-related conference for European insurers. The presentation at the event was made by the President of NAAI, Korney Bizhdov.
28.10.2019 | NAAI
NAAI: 9 month results confirm significant growth in the agricultural insurance market of Russia: market volume by 2.5-fold; insured area more than 5.3-fold
“The results of the agricultural insurance system of Russia for the first three quarters have confirmed that the main trend in 2019 continues to be the growth of agricultural insurance coverage and the related growth of the market. The insured area under agricultural crops in the country increased by more than 5-fold, the insured livestock by 39%, and the volume of insurance with state support 2.5-fold,” said Korney Bizhdov, President of the National Association of Agriculture Insurers, in summing up the interim results of agricultural insurance with state support.
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